Is Web Design an IT Job?

Learn about the responsibilities of a web designer and what skills are needed to become one. Find out how to become a freelance web designer and what courses are available.

Is Web Design an IT Job?

Web design is an IT profession that involves creating the design and interface of websites. As soon as users enter a website, they interact with the work of a web designer, which includes graphics, text font, colors, icons, and content presentation that creates the user experience. There are various ways to learn web design theory, such as attending a web design course or a programming course (or a related UX design or web development course). Web design camps are short, intensive, and immersive educational programs that can turn newcomers to technology and design into web designers ready to work in about 12 weeks of full-time study.

The demand for these positions has made them a trending product. Before deciding to pursue a career in web design, it's important to understand the responsibilities of a web designer and what their day might look like. A designer needs to be able to communicate with a company about what they want, ask questions about the target audience, and convey their ideas for an effective site. To make sure that web design is for you before committing to a longer course, you can sign up for free courses on platforms such as Coursera or DesignContest. By taking on side projects from those core jobs, they become freelance web designers almost gradually until they feel that they have a client base significant enough to dedicate themselves to.

Web designers

must learn a variety of web design tools before they start working.

Some choose to first work internally for a company or in an agency and develop their portfolios and networks of contacts before trying out self-employment. All certificates, diplomas and degrees can be cited as “preferred” in the web designer job description and are not essential. And learning web design theory is different from studying other forms of theoretical learning because the field of web design is constantly changing. Having experience in digital media, graphic design, information technology or computer science can be an advantage if you want to get a job at the design agency of your dreams. However, it's important to note that while graphic designers or design functions may focus almost exclusively on creating attractive images, web designers must balance their design ideas with a variety of technological concerns.

To become a freelance web designer, you must acquire the necessary skills, create a portfolio and start building your client base.